Publish Online from InDesign

This 1-day Publish InDesign files online course will allow you to combine sophisticated text treatments with video, audio, animation, and other highly interactive elements to create content-centric apps that help you bring your brand and content to life.
No coding or custom development needed.

Course objectives

Delegates will learn all interactive features supported when your InDesign file is published online.

Course Prerequisites

Delegates should be have a basic understanding of InDesign.
Delegates can bring along an iPad or smart phone to view their published file.

What is Publish online?

With the new feature in InDesign CC 2015 you can publish any InDesign document online and share it on social networking sites, email it or share a standalone URL. The HTML version can be viewed on all modern desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.

Creating Documents

Explore the many supported interactive features and easily create an engaging interactive experience online from your InDesign document.

  • Buttons
  • Hyperlinks
  • Slideshows
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Animation
Publish your documents

Find out the options available to view and share your InDesign document.
Explore the many interactive features.
Page zooming.
Embedding your doucment in a website.

Manage your published documents

Access your recently published articles.
Learn the features of Web Dashboard.
Track and get analytics<.br/

Re-publish your online document.

At every stage in the course, delegates will be advised on best practices ensuring accuracy, efficiency when approaching any new project.